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Re-enact, repeat, reiterate, re-perform – a practitioner’s chat

Join us for an afternoon’s discussion about re-enactment and related practices at Westspace, Melbourne Saturday 9 July 2-4 pm

If you make work or think about work that connects with re-enactment, repetition, reiteration and re-performance, or you’re just curious, please come along.

Last November in Brisbane a group of artists, curators and academics spent an afternoon talking re-enactment, repetition and the like as part of an art history conference (more about that in an earlier post on this blog). Several of us will be in Melbourne to listen in at PSi#22, the international performance studies conference and we plan a follow-up chat to discuss our work further, mull over new thoughts and generally reflect on these ideas as we work with them in our practices. We welcome new participants to our conversation.

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S8 tech info (inc. hand processing)

OH&S links for photochemicals – general; pregnant people; for arts and home handy people in general

Devised at the Otherfilm Film Re-film Workshop www.otherfilm.org, Brisbane March 22-26, 2006 by Louise Curham with Sally Golding
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DIY Telecine

Prepared for Media Arts, University of Wollongong April 2008, by Louise Curham. Good for everyone!

Video camera requirements
Manual focus
Manual iris
Progressive scan
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Mark Titmarsh Interviewed on Super 8 Film in Sydney

Between Super and Deluxe
Mark Titmarsh interviewed by Bob Percival, 1 August 2006

An in-depth interview with Mark Titmarsh, a key enthusiast for super 8 filmmaking in Sydney through the 1980s. Check it out here.

Bob Percival recently wrote a thesis on the history of the Sydney Super 8 Group. Read bits of it here.

PS – the above links no longer seem to be alive. However, while we try to locate those interviews again, read this