Mark Titmarsh Interviewed on Super 8 Film in Sydney

Between Super and Deluxe
Mark Titmarsh interviewed by Bob Percival, 1 August 2006

An in-depth interview with Mark Titmarsh, a key enthusiast for super 8 filmmaking in Sydney through the 1980s. Check it out here.

Bob Percival recently wrote a thesis on the history of the Sydney Super 8 Group. Read bits of it here.

PS – the above links no longer seem to be alive. However, while we try to locate those interviews again, read this

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  • Hi Lucas, thanks for posting this, very interesting. I had no idea that Titmarsh had studied at CSM with MLG.

  • Hey Lucas, I also had no idea that Mark Titmarsh studied with Malcolm. All very interesting when one considers the direction Titmarsh took in his work.

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