Day 4 Thursday 8 March

Actions list
1: Officeworks for firewire
2: e-mail Australian Cinematographers Society re Auricon. Discover Auricon reputation is as sound-on-film camera manufactured from 1933- to 1990s so no necessary link to television. Seems very early to record sound on film. Also had mag head for pre-striped film as well as optical record head in camera (which all makes sense for television).
3. pack lunch
4. discover problems with Officeworks purchase, acquired USB instead of firewire, NG
5. Process film – problems in use of tank. Training revision in wind on to tank. Go through steps together, both go through all steps. Processing comes out okay. Also process some Bolex re-film – density okay, 9 min dev, 3rd use of dev, 72 hour old dev. Stock was Kodak neg 400ASA c 5-6 years old processed in LC29 mixed 19+1, then stop, Ilford fixer, wash c. 7 mins.
6. lunch
7. 16mm 2′ 45″ check out framings. Problem with tests. Today’s considered as iteration 1. Shoot this. Seems okay. Have to burn audio to CD for use tomorrow.
8. Commence video. Encounter problems in FCP skills. Break. Go to shops, sit in two parks. Find spider web holding up hibiscus. Encounter Trevor. Buy oranges and chocolate biscuits, find free books inc. 1993 Sydney street directory and illustrated infectious diseases. Come back.
9. Discussion about title for video version 2′ 45″.
10. Develop 16mm film. LI does this. All good except lid on tank jams and problems with stop bath. Exposure looks good. May be inadequately fixed. May be that fixer is exhausted by Curham during development of Bolex re-film colour neg.
11. Curham does drawing for Shaw
12. Text writing.

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  1. hey, can I borrow your 16mm rewind tank some time? What type is it?

    I have some film sitting in the fridge awaiting development

    great project

    see ya


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