From the archives – Sydney Moving Image Coalition screenings 2003-4

Screening #1 Lanfranchi’s, 18 Mar 2003

Screening #2 Lanfranchi’s May 2003

Screening #3 Lanfranchi’s Jul 2003, #4 Kudos Gallery, COFA late 2003 (page 1, page 2)

About Primary Sources and the 2004 screenings (page 1, page 2) – a manifesto!

Screening #5 Lanfranchi’s 3 Feb 2004 inc. Takehisa Kosugi’s A Film & Film #4. (Side 1, side 2 of A4, triple folded)

The screenings continued for some time. We’ll put up more archives soon. It’s important to point out that Tony Woods, Al Young, Dan Edwards and (Lanfranchi’s) Brendan were critical in establishing SMIC.

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  1. Jonathan Walley contacted the TLC about Takehisa Kosugi’s Film & Film #4. We don’t have any documentation other than the flyers for most of the SMIC screenings. This is the case for that screening, 3 Feb 2004.

  2. Lucas and Louise – Thank you for putting these up. I have learned A LOT in the past few weeks pouring over your work with expanded cinema re-enactments. The forthcoming issue of INCITE! (an online journal published by Brett Kashmere) will include my reflections of a re-enactment of FILM & FILM #4 in which I participated a few months ago. Your work has been indispensable as I’ve formulated my own thoughts.

    Interested parties can see details of the Kosugi re-enactment – including images – here:

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