Line Describing a Cone

line describing a cone, cementa festival kandos 2015 photo by alex wisser

In 2005, Teaching and Learning Cinema (in its former guise as Sydney Moving Image Coalition) organised an Australian tour of Line Describing a Cone. Although presented in artists’ lofts during the 1970s, in recent years Anthony McCall’s films have increasingly been displayed in art museums. We chose to reconnect the piece with its “rougher” history, showing the work in small artist-run warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Because of the nature of this work, these are not “re-enactments” but rather presentations or enactments of the piece, following the specifications laid down by Anthony McCall.

The 2005 tour was presented in association with IASKA (International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia) and Performance Space (Sydney), and visited:

  • Kellerberrin (wheat and sheep town in Western Australia)
  • Perth (Breadbox Gallery)
  • Melbourne (Ignifuge Warehouse)
  • Sydney (Lanfranchi’s Memorial Discoteque)
  • Brisbane (Jugglers Cafe and Gallery)

The 2015 tour visited:

  • CEMENTA festival, Kandos (former cement manufacturing town in NSW – first outdoor screening)
  • University of Wollongong (Media Arts, Visual Arts and Design)
  • Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra
  • Urambie Village Community Hall, Canberra

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