Tues 10 Feb (Wo)man With Mirror, notes from Louise

The discussion had two starters. One was the Val conversation re-cap which appears below. Secondly, Lucas discovered the curious picture plane fracture that the mirror introduces in the photos taken in the garden in our last meeting. The mirror appears in each photo of the measuring-up images. It is striking only in one where the […]

Measuring Up / Looking Back / Chewing Over

Measuring Up: Illustrating this comment and this page of sketches and calculations, I’m posting these photos to show how we worked out the relative dimensions of the mirror/screen. Not very complicated! Lucas’ armspan (188cm) was assumed to be similar to Guy’s – thus, we reasoned, Lucas would use a “full-size” mirror of 24X32 inches (61X81.3cm). […]

(Wo)man With Mirror – notes from Sat, by Louise

Yesterday we started to prep ourselves to actually shoot the work. We looked very closely at the preview material – Lux preview tape, Lyn’s documentation on YouTube, the rough ‘telecine’ we made up in Brisbane from Guy’s actual film strip literally minutes before he used it for his performance. We also found part of the […]

re-enacting guy’s man with mirror (1976)

Thoughts in haste from today: 1. An important aspect of Guy’s method and point of connection for Curham seems to be open curiosity; discovering through doing; at outset don’t know outcome; finding/discovering work/image with camera in hand. Railings for example seems a study of what will happen if? The if is printing the image which […]

Research on moving image art in Japan

Some information I have discovered while here in Yokohama: MIACA – Moving Image Archive of Contemporary Art http://www.miaca.org/english/news/index.html Videoart Center, Tokyo http://www.vctokyo.org/j/about/ (Japanese – Google for a web page translation Japanese to English) Art Autonomy Network http://www.a-a-n.org/top_e.htm And for the Expanded Cinema heads, Jun’ichi OKUYAMA For example: Cut-Off movie, 1969 16mm 9min. A film 9 […]


The Teaching & Learning Cinema invites you to “THIS TIME“, a film screening this Sunday, April 1st, 2007 6.30pm for a 7pm start at ˜Sydney”, Cleveland St (next to Fatima’s) (see http://officialsydney.com) The screening follows along from a residency that Lucas Ihlein and Louise Curham have been doing in the majestic Track 12 at Performance […]