Louise: Expanded Cinema Residency March 9th

Interestingly, I start to align the new media with Lucas and the old media with me, this is NG. Means I align the anthropomorphic failure of the film with myself – NG. Focus problems in the film – registration pulse problem. No evident problem in the actual camera, checked it.
Actions list 9/3/07:
1. buy media at Officeworks – CD Rs, DVDRs, AA batteries
2. confirm that Raban used 24FPs, kitchen table meeting Curham/Ihlein: 1 ft = 40 frame, so that’s 1.6 sec/ft, so 100 ft = 160 secs, 2’45“ = 165 seconds (120+45). Question for Raban there, was this the ‘little bit extra from Kodak’?
3. Meeting Kat, Lucas, Louise. Describe our intentions for whole residency to Kat. Go through details of Long Film. Kat gives us Final Cut Pro training.
4. lunch Kat, Lucas, Louise
5. Refilm 55”, 6 Minutes. Re set. Watch 6 Minutes. Discuss.
6. Curham reads McCall 1976 Jay St statement while processing.

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