Research on moving image art in Japan

Some information I have discovered while here in Yokohama:

MIACA – Moving Image Archive of Contemporary Art

Videoart Center, Tokyo
(Japanese – Google for a web page translation Japanese to English)

Art Autonomy Network

And for the Expanded Cinema heads, Jun’ichi OKUYAMA For example:

Cut-Off movie, 1969 16mm 9min. A film 9 minutes in length was cut in several places beforehand, those severed places covered with tree leaves and condoms and the like. When projected, naturally those places cause an interruption in projection, and the filmmaker himself explains why the accident occurred. This projection/ performance was first shown in 1969.

Reference for history of Japanese experimental film – 2004 film program at the Pacific Film Archive, LA

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  1. thanks for that louise. i’m going to japan for a few weeks in jan ’07, and there seems to all sorts of interesting places, people and events that i need to include in my very short travels.

    can’t hardly wait.

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