Trying out the (Wo)Man With Mirror user’s manual with Laura Hindmarsh in March & April 2016

In the last post, I explained how the time delay of almost 12 months has bought some useful thinking time. Here’s a short narrative of what we did with Laura over the weekends of 19-20 March and 6-7 April, 2016: In suburban Canberra, Lucas and Louise are working with young artist Laura Hindmarsh who is […]

Work starts on ‘using’ the (Wo)Man With Mirror user’s manual

Subtitle: Louise’s PhD uses (Wo)Man With Mirror as a case study for performance-dependent heritage and things that need passing on from person-to-person; why we involved an anthropologist; why this blog post is/is not a record. At the Urambi Village Community Centre, Saturday 19 March 2016. Left to right: Louise Curham (Teaching and Learning Cinema), Laura […]

Re-enact, repeat, reiterate, re-perform – a practitioner’s chat

Join us for an afternoon’s discussion about re-enactment and related practices at Westspace, Melbourne Saturday 9 July 2-4 pm If you make work or think about work that connects with re-enactment, repetition, reiteration and re-performance, or you’re just curious, please come along. Last November in Brisbane a group of artists, curators and academics spent an […]

Canberra screening 5 October 2013

‘Photochemical Games’ is a film screening of works by Australian film artists at Belconnen Arts Centre on Saturday 5 October, 6-730pm. Film is dead! This pronouncement rears its head so frequently that for those who still like making images from chemicals reacting to light, it’s nothing to be alarmed by. Like the claims about one […]

After meeting Malcolm – top of mind

Notes in response to specific questions have been started by Lucas and we will continue them but it seems important to capture what’s stayed at the top of the mind after visiting Malcolm: – we covered a lot of ground! – Malcolm says that when he made these performance film works (eg Horror Film, Gross […]

From the archives – Sydney Moving Image Coalition screenings 2003-4

SMIC Primary Sources poster for 3 Feb 2004 screening, Lanfranchi’s, a photo by lcurham on Flickr. Screening #1 Lanfranchi’s, 18 Mar 2003 Screening #2 Lanfranchi’s May 2003 Screening #3 Lanfranchi’s Jul 2003, #4 Kudos Gallery, COFA late 2003 (page 1, page 2) About Primary Sources and the 2004 screenings (page 1, page 2) – a […]

Australian International Experimental Film Festival launched

Excitement! Sue K & the Nanolab gang have announced their collaboration in presenting the Australian International Experimental Film Festival Put this one in your diaries! Festival dates Melbourne, 30th April, 1st-2nd May, 2010. Submissions mid Dec 2009 to 15th Febuary 2010.

Conceptual Paradise: There Is a Place for Sophistication

The fabulously energetic Mark Williams at the NZ Film Archive is poised to screen the documentary essay Conceptual Paradise: There Is a Place for Sophistication. Unfortunately this screening is in Wellington, NZ, not much good to us at present but maybe someone in the community will be spurred to show it! Hope so! The film […]