Artists Film Workshop comes to Canberra’s Antics Hair Microcinema Friday 17 Feb 730pm

Join us for an evening of recent and brand new work by the Artists Film Workshop, all on 16mm.
Lab members Sebastian Vaccaris and Paddy Hay have programmed a stellar line-up, it’s a first for Canberra to see works from  AFW, Australia’s most prolific contemporary artist-run film lab.
The line-up includes Anybody Coming to Dinner byAudrey Lam (2022) and Fade by Callum Ross-Thomson (2017).

Some of you saw China Not China at PhotoAccess in 2019 during The Stand-in Lab exhibition. This is a work by the internationally reknowned experimentalists Dianna BARRIE & Richard TUOHY. This work has featured in literally dozens of international festivals and screened on Mubi. Not to be missed! The knowledge and processes to produce this work are painstaking and Dianna and Richard have spent literally decades refining their craft (and they’re still quite young).

Check out the program here on Sydney experimentalists’ website, the Workshop for Potential Cinema.
Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Artist Film Workshop is an open film collective which provides access to knowledge and resources for filmmakers and artists working in sound and vision with photochemical film. When you’re next in Melbourne, visit the workshop to explore the darkroom that includes a 16mm contact printer, optical printer with custom-made electronics, 16mm and 8mm cameras, and projectors.
AFW is prolific with a 100+ Melbourne screenings in the past decade. Paddy and Sebastian are delighted to take this one on the road and voyage North up the Hume! Reserve a free spot on Eventbrite. Make a donation to AFW petrol costs while you’re there. If you like Facebook events, here it is.
Hit the road on Sunday 19 Feb to go up to Sydney to be part of the Workshop for Potential Cinema’s ‘soup boiler’ bucket colour processing day with AFW experts. Here’s the invite.